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Why People Don't Acquire Hearing Instruments

Don'tAquireThere are three basic reasons why people do not acquire hearing instruments:

• Vanity
• The individual does not recognize the problem
• Lack of information on the benefits and costs

In many cases, the individual suffering from hearing loss does not recognize the problem. If the loss has been gradual and progressive, the individual may adjust to the loss just as gradually and believe that his or her hearing remains normal. If the loss were more sudden and severe, the individual would be able to detect a distinct difference between what he or she thought was normal and his or her current hearing ability.

There are two important factors as to why so many people oppose acquiring hearing instruments. Either they were told by a medical professional that a hearing instrument will not help their hearing loss situation or they may not be able to afford the cost of a hearing instrument. In both cases, relevant information would help educate those with hearing impairments that not only can help be obtained, but in some communities there are organizations that will assist with locating financial assistance.

The biggest stumbling block for most people, however, is their vanity. Wearing a hearing instrument conjures up all sorts of negative images in people's minds, such as admitting they are not perfect to feeling old or infirm. People often let appearances keep them from hearing and enjoying their lives. Fortunately, with the latest "completely in the canal" (CIC) technology, vanity is becoming a diminishing concern.