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Maintaining Certification

maintaincertRecertification Criteria

Individuals who are Board Certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBC-HIS) must recertify their credentials every three-years. During the third-year of certification, NBC-HIS will provide the annual statement the instructions necessary to complete the recertification process.

Recertification is valid for a 36-month period beginning on July 1st of the year the current certification expires. All recertification materials must be received at NBC-HIS headquarters on or before June 30th of the recertifying year.

The recertification process ensures that board certificants have a state/provincial license, where applicable. The requirement for continuing education units (CE's) ensures that the certificants have spent at least 24 hours in an educational setting upgrading skills and knowledge and/or getting information on new technology and products in the hearing health profession within the 36 month recertification period.

 Individuals wishing to recertify must comply with the following:
  1. Application for Recertification: NBC-HIS contacts the International Hearing Society (IHS) and lists the current number of continuing education (CE) on your annual statement. If you achieved the required twenty-four (24) hours of CE's, you must complete the bottom portion of your statement and return it to our office.
  2. Approved Continuing Education: All certificants must fulfill the following requirements to recertify:
    a. Accumulate twenty-four (24) hours of approved CE's within the 3-year period immediately preceding your June 30 recertification deadline. If your statement indicates less than the 24 required CE's, submit a photocopy of the certificate(s) you received from the sponsor. PLEASE NOTE: CE courses approved by IHS, AAA & ASHA are approved by NBC-HIS. CE's granted by other hearing healthcare organizations must be submitted to NBC-HIS and are reviewed on an individual basis. PLEASE NOTE: Failure to comply with the recertification requirements will result in a revocation of your Board Certified Credentials. Failure to meet the recertification requirements will result in the necessity to retake and pass the National Competency Examination (NCE), including payment of exam fee.

All 24 CEs may be obtained by attending in-person or online educational programs, workshops and seminars.

Certificants in the USA, all CE's obtained for re-certification must be approved by AAA, ASHA, or IHS. Check with your CE providers and make sure they have applied for course approval from one of these organizations before taking courses. This applies to online self-study, live webinars, conferences and training seminars.

CE Source Limits by Education Type

See Sources/Pathways for Approved CEs : (Minimum of 24-hours required in a 3-year period)

Attendance at educational programs, workshops, seminars - Maximum hours allowed in a 3-year period: no limit

Publication of an article in a professional journal. Articles published in professional journals must cover topics listed in the NBC-HIS Competency Model. These articles should be submitted at time of printing rather than at the recertification deadline.

Maximum hours allowed in a 3-year period: 6 Hours

Presentation of a scientific paper or lecture. Credit is granted on actual time of presentation, not on preparation time. CE's earned on an hour-to-hour basis.

Maximum hours allowed in a 3-year period: 8-Hours

Service as an Approved Item Writer for the NBC-HIS Examination or Exam Committee, one CE granted for per hour of participation.

NOTE: Service on a state exam or licensing board does NOT qualify for CE credit.

Ineligibility - Right of Appeal

In the event an applicant is found ineligible for recertification, he/she will receive a letter identifying the reason(s) for denial. An applicant has the right to appeal the denial within 30-days of the postmark date on the denial letter. This appeal must be submitted in writing to the NBC-HIS Executive Director and it will be reviewed in accordance with the NBC-HIS bylaws and policies adopted by the NBC-HIS Executive Council.

Non-Discrimination Policy

No applicant/certificant shall be denied certification or recertification based on sex, marital status, age, religious preference, nationality, sexual orientation race, or disability except when that disability affects the ability of the applicant to provide professional service to his/her patients/clients.

Code Of Ethics

Strict adherence to the Code of Ethics is required to maintain Board Certification.