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Why Be Board Certified

whybeSome of the most highly experienced hearing health professionals in the world share a distinguishing symbol - the symbol of certification through NBC-HIS. Board Certificants are fully committed to providing their patients with quality care.

The achievement of this designation represents the initiative to excel beyond the normal requirements for operating a hearing instrument dispensing practice. The designation, BC-HIS (Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences), distinguishes the Board Certificant's outstanding skills and professional expertise needed for completion of the National Competency Exam.


1. BC-HIS Certification is the distinguishing mark of the highest standards of skill and knowledge and is an internationally recognized symbol of excellence. 

2. Certification increases client awareness, recognition and confidence.

3. Enhance your practice’s brand image through NBC-HIS’ ongoing marketing initiatives.

4. Demonstrate your commitment to achieving excellence in your profession and earn the privilege of using the BC-HIS designation after your name.

5. Only a select few have set themselves apart from the field with NBC-HIS Certification.

NBC-HIS is committed to the success of our Board Certified Hearing Health Instrument Specialists.  We assist them with their marketing, and market on their behalf.  Our website is designed to assist current and potential customers locate them.  We continuously educate the public on the importance of utilizing the services of hearing health professionals who have the BC-HIS designation.