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faqThe Continuing Education Units (CE's) do not show up on my statement.

Every effort is made to accurately reflect the CE's you have earned. If you obtained any CE's from January 1 of the current year until the annual statements are mailed, they MAY NOT appear on your statement. The International Hearing Society receives the rosters from the providers two to six-months after you attend a seminar and posts them to your file as quickly as possible. The NBC-HIS office does not receive the rosters from the providers. CE's obtained prior to becoming board certified cannot be used for your recertification.

Continuing education MAY NOT be listed in the CE Review Box on your annual statement, due to the following factors:

  • The time of year you attended the seminar(s)
  • Omission of your name on a seminar roster(s)
  • When the seminars are posted to your file
  • The mailing date of NBC-HIS annual statements
  • If the box on the attendance sign-in sheet was not checked to receive credit by IHS
  • CE's are not approved by IHS (these CE's must be submitted to the NBC-HIS office and are reviewed and approved on an individual basis by the NBC-HIS Executive Director)

I have more CE's than are listed in my CE Review Box on my statement. I have to obtain 10 CE's every year for my state/province.

A CE review is printed on your annual statement. Dates printed in the boxes from far right to left reflect the three (3) year recertification period in which you must obtain the required 24 CE's. Make sure the CE's you earned were not obtained before you were board certified. Any CE's obtained prior to the dates in the far right box were applied to a previous three-year period.

How many CE's do I have to obtain each year?

Every three-years from the time you became board certified, you are required to obtain 24 CE's to recertify your BC-HIS credentials. You can obtain all 24 in one-year or any combination that adds up to 24 during your three-year period.

PLEASE NOTE: If you obtain more than the required 24 CE's for recertification, the additional CE's cannot be applied to your next three-year recertification period.

How can I have CE's that are not approved by IHS applied to my record?

Mail or fax a photocopy of the certificate(s) you received from the provider to the NBC-HIS office at 734.522.0900. The NBC-HIS Executive Director will review the CE's and approve them on an individual basis. The CE's must be related to the hearing healthcare field. If you do not have a certificate from the provider, you must contact the provider to get proof of attendance.

Do I have to fill out and return the CE Review Form with my NBC-HIS dues payment?

Only submit the CE Review Form if there is a discrepancy with the amount of CE's listed on your statement (especially CE's not approved by IHS). You must submit proof of attendance by providing a photocopy of the certificate(s) attached to the CE Review Form. Writing down the date, seminar, and number of CE's obtained IS NOT sufficient proof.

When are my fees due?

The annual statement is usually mailed in mid-May each year. On the top and bottom portion of the statement is a payment deadline date.  Dues received after the due date will be charged a $100 late fee.

I paid my fees through CHIPS (Canadian Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society).

IHS dues, CHIPS dues and NBC-HIS annual dues are billed separately.

I received a "FINAL NOTICE" in the mail.

If payment is not received, NBC-HIS sends a final notice statement. A $100 late fee will be assessed and added to your balance due.

I did not receive my annual wallet card and wall certificate sticker after paying my annual fees.

The reasons a board certificant may not receive an annual wallet card and wall certificate sticker are as follows:

  • You did not obtain the required 24 CE's to recertify
  • You remitted a portion of the annual fee
  • You did not sign and return the recertification declaration on your statement
  • You did not provide a photocopy of your current dispensing license(s) or certification of registration

Where can I find a listing of upcoming continuing education opportunities?

  • International Hearing Society website (www.ihsinfo.org)
    • List of upcoming state/provincial conference dates
  • The Hearing Professional magazine (mailed to all IHS members) 
    • IHS continuing education articles & quizzes are printed 4 times a year in IHS' quarterly magazine and are available to download on the IHS website www.ihsinfo.org.
    • List of some hearing instrument manufacturers sponsored seminars
  • Audiology Online (audiologyonline.com)
  • Select courses approved by IHS.
  • PLEASE NOTE: To receive an IHS certificate for Audiology Online CE's, and have them posted to your file, you must print the transcript from Audiology Online and mail it to the address below, or you can fax the transcript.

    International Hearing Society
    16880 Middlebelt Road, Suite 4
    Livonia, MI  48154
    Tel: 734.522.7200     
    Fax:  734.522.0200

  • Sources/Pathways for Approved CE's (listed on back of the NBC-HIS CE Review Form)

    As stated above, all efforts are made to accurately reflect the CE's you have earned. Due to several factors, all earned CE's may not appear on your current annual statement. NBC-HIS provides the CE Review as a courtesy to our board certificants. It is the responsibility of the board certificant to keep track of any continuing education required for recertification of their BC-HIS credentials and/or continuing education requirements to renew their state/provincial dispensing licenses.