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US/Canada Fees:
Exam Fees : $225.00
International  Fees:
Exam Fee $250.00

How to Schedule Your Exam

Candidates for Board Certification are not permitted to schedule or contact the testing sites to take the National Competency Exam (NCE).  When your application for Board Certification has been approved.  You will be contacted by an NBC-HIS staff member to schedule a convenient date, time and location for the exam.

The National Competency Exam (NCE) is based on research data that determines the daily skills needed to be a successful Hearing Health Professional. The exam is designed to test competency in these important areas of hearing instrument sciences:
For more information, please contact the NBC-HIS office.

· Assess patient presenting problem and needs

· Test and analyze patient hearing

· Prescribe and analyze instruments

· Fit, adjust, program and service hearing instruments and equipment

· Counseling, rehabilitation and professional practice

The NCE is based on practical knowledge and decision-making capabilities. A Hearing Health Professional who has received the required amount of experience should have little difficulty becoming certified.

Non-Discrimination Policy

No applicant shall be denied eligibility to NBC-HIS examinations because of age, sex, marital status, national origin, sexual preference, religious preferences, race, or physical disability. (Except when a physical disability affects the level of professional service provided to patients/clients). Any individual who wishes to question any of the eligibility requirements of the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences shall submit these concerns in writing to the NBC-HIS office.

Exam Composition

The NBC-HIS Exam Committee, consisting of experienced and currently practicing Board Certified hearing instrument specialists, develops items for the National Competency Exam. These individuals volunteer their time to research and draft questions based upon the NBC-HIS Role Delineation Study results and performance objectives required to be a competent, professional hearing healthcare provider.

The NCE consists of one hundred and thirty (130) multiple-choice questions from each of the five (5) 0competancy areas. They are distributed throughout the exam allowing all exam candidates an opportunity to answer questions from each of the competency areas.

The exam is not weighted; there is only one correct answer for each question.

Exam Score Results

An examination score result will be sent immediately to the exam candidate's computer upon submitting the completed exam. Candidates who pass the exam will be advised that they passed. Actual percentage on passing scores will not be provided. Candidates who fail the exam will be provided scores for each of the five (5) areas of competency.

Passing the Exam

A passing score is required to become Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences. Enclosed in the Welcome Packet is a passing score report, an invoice covering the annual revalidation fee along with a press release for local media, logos for advertising, Recertification Criteria Sheet and guidelines for proper usage of the NBC-HIS designation. Upon payment of the revalidation fee, a wall certificate will be sent. Members of the International Hearing Society will have the BC-HIS designation recognized in all printed materials, including The Hearing Professional.

Failing the Exam

A failed score result is automatically sent to NBC-HIS. The exam candidate may retake the NCE in thirty (30) days by submitting payment of the examination fee. If the exam is failed a second time, candidates must wait six (6) months before taking the exam again. If the exam candidate does not pass the NCE within two (2) years from the initial application date, he/she must file a new application for approval. At this time, the exam candidate will be required to pay both an application fee and an examination fee. The new application must be accompanied with the appropriate fees and a current copy of the exam candidate's state/provincial license or registration. This license/registration requirement will depend on the laws and regulations currently in effect in the applicant's state or province.

Exam Score Review and Appeal

An exam appeal will only be considered if there was a problem at the exam center that caused a problem in taking the exam. There will be no appeals for a rescore of exam since the chance of a scoring mistake is virtually nonexistent. Requests for exam appeals must be submitted in writing by registered mail within sixty-days of the exam date, and must be accompanied by a payment of $75.00. A candidate may appeal an exam score for the following reasons:

1. Excessive noise or confusion during the examination which inhibited concentration.

2. Exam room conditions (lighting, temperature, etc.)

3. Faulty computer operation.

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